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Digital X-Rays

Not only are digital X-rays far superior to traditional film X-rays, they’re safer—digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by 90 percent.

Digital X-ray technology paired with amazing diagnostic tools provide the highest quality image possible. They are a valuable tool that aids treatment and diagnosis.

We can enlarge, rotate and enhance these images for better clarity, all without compromising the quality of the X-ray.

We also offer the incredible convenience of our Nomad technology. This is a mobile X-ray that can easily be moved around the office, meaning patients no longer have to be taken to a separate room to for extensive X-rays. The Nomad is slender and not as intimidating as regular X-ray machines, which means it’s much more kid-friendly.

The Nomad is an important part of our goal to provide the highest level of care in a calming environment for both adults and children.

When was the last time you had a dental X-ray? Why not benefit from our digital technology? If it’s been a while since your last X-ray, contact us for an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are digital x-rays better?

There are several benefits to digital X-rays, including:

  • Reduced radiation exposure
  • Less waiting time, which leads to shorter appointments
  • Better understanding of treatment options
  • Comfort – there’s no need to bite on those uncomfortable pieces of film